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Issue 3, Number? 

Legion666 are a 5-piece from Toronto. They 
have recruited the axe talents of one Chalice 
Hooper, formerly of COUNTDOWN TO 
OBLIVION, and formerly of RAMMER and 
currently a co-host of CKLN's "Aggressive 
Rok" . The singer, Asafoetida, is also a 
programmer on Arrg Rok and was the former 
singer of SKEW-G. Blaspherion, on guitar, has 
been one of the mainstays and played in ONE 
BLOOD and BLOWHARD as well as being 
committed to various radio programming 
stints. Grim and Nunviolator have also been 
with them all this while and was part of this 
band's BLOWHARD past. LEGION have a new 
full length about to be released on Yellowdog 
out of Germany, as well as a split ep with 
Sweden's BOMBSTRIKE on Schizophrenic. 
They played live on Equalizing-X-Distort on 
Sunday June 29^^ and this is \]hat they had to 

Who is in the band now ? You have a core 
group who have been with you for a long 
while. How did Chalice Hooper come to 
joining the band ? 

Blaspherion (B): How did you get in here ? 

Chalice (C): 1 was shopping in tiie Kensington 

Market one afternoon when 1 bumped into 

Asafoetida. 1 was in the market near his 

workplace and 1 think I had said something to 

you Blaspherion, jokingly, "Oh I'll join your 

band" . 

B: This is a really bad story by the way 


C: 1 don't know. 

B : There should have been some story involving 

a ouij a board or something, but yeah. . . 

C : It came to me in a nocturnal vision. . . 

B : We had been admiring her guitar playing for 

years and eventually somehow recruited her 

C: Oh, flattery will get you nowhere. 

A saf oetida (A ) : Well you have a guitar and you 

know how to play. 

C: Exactly, I had a guitar and I didn't have a 


B : We said the one requirement was that you 

actually show up to practice. 

C: And I happened to be quite punctual. 

B : She is very punctual, by the way. 

She adds a lot to the band. Were you 

thinking that ? 

B : We were hoping that. We were absolutely 

thinking that. We were pretty familiar with her 

playing and 

It seems to have added to your sound with 

Chalice Hooper joining the ranks. 

C : J ust by virtue of having a second guitar there 

is leeway to have more than one thing going on 

at once, I guess. 

Yeah it sounds very intricate. It's neat that 

J uly 2003 

Chalice Hooper, Legion666's newest recruit, on guitar. 

way. There is a lot of different things going 

A : It means I can sing less, too. 

B: Yeah we have always tried to have two 

guitarists. We have tried various guitarists out 

and they have either worked or. . . .1 mean we've 

known that it would work musically, we've 

liked what it added musically, but it is j ust finding 

the right fit and hopefully this is it. 

1 meaU; you know what she plays hke 1 just 

thought you were trying 1 remember you 

were talking to me about getting a second 
guitar player. 

B : Yeah, I know. I think it was just a matter of 
giving us the opportunity to expand it a little 
bit and I didn' t think it was going to turn out as 
good as it has. 
It sounds amazing. 
B : Yeah, I'm pleased as punch. 
A : Now we are a real heavy metal band. 
B : I think it sounds swell now. I thought it 
sounded good before, but there is definitely a 
whole new dimension to it. 
When last we spoke the split with SICK 
TERROR had just come out and you were 
about to release the "Kiss the Goat" CD. 
Since then you have been in the studio. 
What is in the works at the moment ? 
B : The works are done. What's about to come 
out, next will be the "Scheisse Christus" LP 
and CD coming out on Ye/Zowdo^ Records and 
that is going to be coming out as soon as we 
send them the artwork. It's recorded. It's ready 
to go. The artwork is nearly done so after that 
it is in their hands and that's going to be a full 
length LP with two extra songs on the CD and 
then following that we've, as you've heard, 
recorded two songs for the split with 
BOMBSTRIKE and that's forthcoming. I guess 
BOMSTRIKE have still yet to recorxl. That 
might be a little while for that. That's it. 
A: No there is others. What about the 

B : Oh yeah, I forgot about that. That has been 
in the works for so long I have forgot about 
that. Actually that has probably gone to press. 
Split 7" ep with MEGIDDO with MEGIDDO 
coveringAMEBIX's "Last Will and Testament" 
and us recording SO D M ' s " utbreak of Evil " . 
And that was recorded... . 

Left to Right: Blaspherion on Guitar and Asafoetida on vocals. 

Who is putting that out ? 

B : That is also being put out on a G eraian label. 

Something about the Germans liking us. With 

the unfortunate name of Iron Bonehead 



B: But that supposedly has gone to press and 

should be out, who knows anytime. That is 

going to be limited to 500 copies. 

Is ScMgophrsric putting out the spUt with 


B: That is correct. 

How did you get hooked up with Ydloadogl 

B : He wrote us. He had heard the split with 

SICK TERROR and really liked our side which 

is kind of strange for us because most people 

really like that SICK TERROR side, me 

included. Yeah he just really liked it and wanted 

to get more copies of it and then we just started 

corresponding from there. It just kind of 

developed because originally, Yellowdog was 

known more for putting out split eps, though 

that isn' t really the case anymore and so at the 

time he was talking about doing a split with us 

and some Swedish band and from there it just 

sort of progressed into a full length. 1 told him 

we were about to record and ... 

A: We bullied him. 

B : Yeah we did, pretty much, we bullied him 

into putting it out. 

What does the name of the new C D mean ? 

Is it "Scheisse Christus"? 

B: "Schiesse Christus", which is German for 

the "Shit Christ". When we found out that a 

G erman label was interested we had to have 

some connection to Christ and of course with 

the G ermans being obsessed with shit in their 

pornography their had to be some sort of 


C: Why do you know so much about this 

B laspherion ? 

B: That's just what 1 have heard from the 

G ermans, so that was pretty much the story 

there, is that some concepts started developing 

in my head about album artwork and .... 

C: Based on a film you once saw... . 

B : B ased on something 1 once read and so 1 ... . 

It begs the question, what is the artwork 

going to be ? 

B : Well the original idea 1 had for the artwork 

was far sillier than what has come. . . . 

A : . . . because we never do silly artwork. 

B : We never do silly artwork because we are 

always very serious about it. Originally because 

the G ermans have also a love for fisting, as 

well, in some of their videos, so the original 

idea was to have satan fisting christ, while also 

shitting on his head, but the fisting part fell by 

the wayside and so know it's just satan 

dropping a loaf on christ' s head and yes, it's as 

silly as it sounds. It's everything and more that 

you could ever want. 

But Darrin's doing it right ? 


C : Darrin who probably has tried this at home. 

So it will look very good. 

B: It actually does look very good. You are 

horrified and amused at the same time. Y eah it 

does look really good and hopefully the G erman 

authorities will not object. If they do we have 



extension of tlie weekly radio siiow lieard on 
CIUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nigiits from 
10:00pnn 'til midnight(Participants: Ben Edgar, 
Jonah Faico, Martin Farkas, Sinnon Harvey, 
Lisa McLean, Stephe Perry, and Mark 

The show dedicates itself to the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There is a 
particularennphasis on international releases in 
the developing thrash, power violence, straight 
edge, grind, burning spirits, garage. Killed By 
Death, d-beat scenes, crust, and crossover, 
which nneans we play nnaterial like Hisataka, 
Lonnb, Crunch Tinne, Ruido, Conclusion, 
Maxinnum RNR, the Stains, Discharge, 
C.F.U.D.L., and Ramnner. 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 10 retrospective look 
at new releases. 

Equal izi ng-X-DistDit 

CIUT 89.5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 St. George Street, 

Toronto, ON 



RequestLine: (416) 946-7000 

e-mail: equalizingXdistort@ ciutfm 


CIUT 89.5 FM - "Equalizing Distort" 

Top 10 Hardcore Releases 

for J une 2003 

Band Title 

1. MILKMAN Is This Punk Enough For You ? 



4. CONSUME Forked Tongue 

5. VICTIMS Neverendinglasting 

6. ANNHILATION TIME This One's for You God 

7. RYTMIHAIRIO Surmaa Kannisa 


9. COMRADES Rebels Today... . 


Equalizing Distort can be heard every Sunday night on CIUT 89.5 FM at 10:00 pm. The top 10 
countdown can be heard in its entirety, complete with previews of the picks and analysis on the 
previous month in hardcore, on the last Sunday of the month. 






Busted Heads 


Distort Reality 










Risto Eronen 


Skud Records 


self- releasee. 

an alternate album cover. It' s actually going to 

be a reversible cover on the CD . Something less 


You are doing some covers recorded on the 

new releases. What are they and why did 

you choose them to cover ? 

A: On the split 1" with BOMB STRIKE we 

coverCRUDE SS' "Blue Eyed Devils" and there 

is another one on there. . . some band 1 have never 

heard of, have you heard of them ? 


A : It's called "Witchcraft" . It's a rather obscure 


B: And we are doing a BATHORY cover on the 


And he's worried about this ? 

B : Naw we don' t want to talk about worrying, 

but we are covering CRUDE SS because 

obviously they have been a huge influence on 

the band. That was one of the major influences 

that's kind of launched BLOWHARD and has 

carried on into this band and as far as 

BATHORY goes, that is the Black Metal 

element that we've tried to introduce into the 

band, as well. Like we've covered SODOM 

and now BATHORY so we kind of like those 

early 80's European metal bands, so there is 

another homage. 

Do you have any other recording 

commitments coming up in the future ? 

B: Do we? 

A : Nothing concrete. There has been a lot of 

talk about doing a split with a band from out 


B: Oh yeah. 

A : Something in the theme of anti- fascism. The 

band is called DIE FLUX CONSUMED and 

they are more metal then we are. 

Oh yeah. 

B : They are way more metal, but they are very 


Where are they from ? 

B : They are from Halifax. And also there is a 

couple of bands from A ustralia that have talked 

about doing a spht ep, as well (laughter). 

C: Do you care to drop some names ? 

B: MIKE HUNT andARSE PISS, so very very 

RUPTURE-ish both of them. 

I remember a long time ago there was a 

split ep with MASS GENOCIDE coming 

out on HGFacL Did that ever come out ? 

B: 1 guess MASS GENOCIDE broke up and 

HG Fact moved on so nothing materialized with 

that unfortunately, but we are still open if he's 

listening. We' 11 do anything. A ny thing for a trip 

to Japan. 

C : Except what is seen in G erman film. 

In terms of touring do you have any plans 

on touring ? 1 have heard you have been 

offered some stuff in Europe. 

B : Yeah Yellowdog basically have offered to do 

everything for us. They are going to do shirts 

for us, they have offered to set up a tour and 

they have a van, basically it is just band 

members finding time to get over there and do 

it, but 1 mean we have got somebody who is 

willing to set us up and drive us around to gigs 

Nunviolator has nothing to say to you, especially while playing. 

and stuff so . . . 

Hopefully that will happen ? 

B : Oh 1 am ready to go tomorrow, myself, but 
there are other people that actually have 
commitments and jobs and stuff so it is 
probably not going to happen this summer, 
but it would be nice to happen sometime. 
How can people get in touch with you ? 
W hat is your contact address / e-mail address 
/ website address ? 

B : It is best to go through the website at 
A : Play our records backwards. 
B: Yeah that is probably the best way. 1 don't 
really know our address right now, so just try 
that or 
Are there any last comments ? 
B: Thanks very much for this. It was an 
interesting experience. It was very hot in that 
little box down there... . 
... yeah it's a sweatbox... . 
B: ... but thanks for the people that did come 
out to see us and thanks for this opportunity 
and the interview and all of that. That's all 1 got 
to say. Ian should say something. 
Yeah 1 know he has said nothing. 
A : He is looking rather smug right now like he 
has something to say. 
Nunviolator your turn. 
Nunviolator (N): 1 have nothing to say to you. 
W here does the name C halice Hooper come 

C: Ummm. Paul named me. 1 am essentially 
. . . .(gets smacked for using his christian name) 
Blasherion. . . 1 am divulging all these secrets on- 

Would you stop using these christian 

C : The B las named me. 1 was given a time frame 
to come up with a name and 1 didn't meet 
deadline and then right at deadline 1 thought of 
a name but he had already submitted a name 
... and then you were stuck with it. 
C : 1 was stuck with it. 

What does it mean ? Where does it come 
B : Chalice Hooper is an obvious play on A lice 

Cooper, but do you know what hooping is. 

Perhaps someone in the audience knows what 

hooping is ? Someone who has done time in 

prison. Smuggling items in your ass would be 

hooping so someone that would possibly hoop 

a chalice in her ass would be of course Chalice 


G ot ya. 

B : Quite clever 1 thought. 

C: This is how rumours get started. 

B : No one else seems to think it's clever, but 1 

am amused by it and that's enough, so Chalice 

Hooper she is. 

Okay thanks very much for playing. 

Grim von Bastard on bass. 

HOT CARL area 3 -piece from the Milwaukee 
Wisconsin area - fictitious home of the 70's 
show, Laverne and Shirley, and Happy Days. 
HOT CARL were on tour up in Toronto with 
the MODERN MACHINES and we were able 
to get them to play live on Sunday July 6^^,2003 

C an you introduce yourselves and tell us 
what you do in the band ? 

Justin G): My name is Justin and I play guitar 

and vocals. 

A dam (A ) : A dam, bass and vocals. 

Evan (E) : A nd I am Evan and I am the drummer. 

It sounded really amazing. C ould you guys 

hear anything ? 

J : Yeah we could hear except for tiie vocals. 

W here abouts are you from ? 

J: We are all from Dubuque, Iowa, but now 

Evan and 1 live in Milwaukee and A dam lives in 

Whitewater, Wisconsin, which is about an hour 


And do you find it difficult to get together 

to practise. 

J : Yeah it's not as bad as it was tiiough because 

I lived in Dubuke and Evan lived in Milwaukee 

and Adam lived in Madison so tiiat was pretty 

much impossible. 

How did you figure out where to jam ? 

We just practised in Dubuke before we had a 

show. We would practise at Evan's parents 

house and tiien go to a show. 

Kind of like cramming. 

J: Yeah. 

Tell us about the scene where you are 

nearest. Is there a scene ? 

J : Well we are in Milwaukee now and there are 

a lot of bands. I j ust moved there but 1 have met 

a lot of people and tiiere is one house tiiat puts 

on all tiie shows four nights a week and a lot of 

kids always come out so I am liking it a lot in 


Do you play with many bands from 

Milwaukee ? 

J: We have only played tiiere once since we 

moved there and we played with the 

SOVIETTES from Minneapolis and the 


E: But just since we moved tiiere tiiough we 

have seen tons of shows. They are happening 

every night. 

J : We have only played one show tiiere so far. 

We are playing tiiere witiiTOY S THAT KILL 

sometime soon, so tiiat should be a good one 

for tiie second time playing tiiere. 
C an you give us an idea of some of the bands 
that are noteworthy, that we should pay 
attention to from your area ? 

E: The MODERN MACHINES coming up 


J: The APOLOGETICS I saw tiie otiier day 

and they were really good. I am pretty sure 

tiiey are from Milwaukee and tiie CATHOLIC 

BOY Sand... 

E: Yeah the APOLOGETICS, that was 

awesome. Where are the KILL- A -WATTS 


J :Yeah, tiie KILL-A-WATTS. I like tiiem a lot. 

They are from Milwaukee. I am not sure which 

bands are local tiiat I see tiiere because it has 

only been three weeks since I have been there. . . . 

Well that's a good start. Can you describe 

your sound ? What have people told you 

that you sound like ? 

J: I have heard a lot of different stuff tiiat I 

don't agree witii, like I like JAWBREAKER 

but I don't think we sound anything like 

JAWBREAKER, but on our tour last summer 

I heard a few people say tiiat which I don' t see 

where tiiey got that. 

E: A guy in Fort Worth said sometiiing about 


A : I have heard tiiat a couple of times. 

Do you agree with that ? 

J: A little. Some of our songs are kind of 

SCREECHING WEASEL-ish. And who was 

anotiier band tiiat . . . 

E: We have one song that sounds just like 


J: Yeah there is a song that sounds like a 

RIV ETHE A D song who are putting something 

out onRecess soon. They are a very great band 

from Minneapolis. 

A : Yeah, check tiiem out. 

Yeah they had a good ep that they put out 

themselves. So now you can set the record 

straight. Do you listen to SCREECHING 

WEASEL ? Who would you credit as 

influences is really my question ? Who do 

you listen to that comes out in your sound ? 

J: Who I listen to tiie most are SCREECHING 


A : I am just really into blues music. 

You don't listen to punk at all ? 

A : I am tiie odd man out. I have started liking it 

since I have been playing witii tiiese guys... . 

E : You are not the odd man out. 

For guys who don't listen to punk rock you 

do pretty well at playing it. How did that 

happen ? 

A: I was rooming witii Justin and I signed on 

for 3 montiis tiiinking I was going to move to 

Madison and that would be tiie end of it and it 

has been a year and a half now and I don't 


J : Things are going pretty well. 

E: Dubuque is a small town and so drummers 

are scarce. 

A : In Iowa you play with whoever you can 

play with. 

Who writes the lyrics ? Do you take turns 

Left tD Right: J uston on guitar and vocals, 
Adam (white shirt) on bass and vocals. 

with that ? 

J: I write the ones 
that I sing and A dam 
writes the ones that 
he sings. 

I want to ask you 
about your 

favourite song 
from a lyrical 
standpoint and 

J: Mine would be 
"God Bless America 
Popcorn Shrimp's 
on Sale" just because 
I thought it was 
really annoying after 

September IP'' 

seeing all the marquees that said "We Will 

Survive, Smokes arB back" and "God Bless 

America, RoastBeef 2for$2.00" or"GodBless 

America, ATM Inside''. 

People capitalizing on patriotism... 

J : Yeah they are mixing their blessing of A merica 

with their specials of the week. 

E: We have all had a bit too much of the 


J: It was basically the next day, all those 

marquees were up. A nd there was one that said 

"United We Stand America forever, Free hot 

Breakfast, Monday thru Friday" {laughter). 

That was at a hotel. That was a good one. But 

the Hardee's Restaurants always had "God 

Bless A merica, RoastBeef 2 for$2.00" or just 

whatever their special was. Like the "God Bless 

A merica" part stayed up. Right up tight against 

it. They wouldn't even separate it so it just 

looks like it is one sentence, one thought. 

It's part of the special. Adam what song do 

you say is your favourite ? 

A : 1 like the first one we played - "Magic B cans 

for the taking" . 

... and why do you like it ? 

A : 1 don' t really know what the song is about 

but 1 take it as hiding under religion. 

J : Yeah, that's about right. It' s about somebody 

being bom again.... 

A : 1 can relate to that 1 guess. 

Do you have anything released so far ? 

We've got the CD-R, is this something that 

is coming out ? 

J : Yeah, we recorded that last summer, but we 

just don't have any money to put it out, so ... 

Evan on drums. 

It's a DIY kind of 

J: Yeah, it might 
come out eventually 
if somebody wants 
to put it out, but we 
don' t have money to 
do it. Our friend 
Victor Cairo who is 
a very good artist 
drew the covers and 
we just make them 
up as we need them. 
That's a neat 
looking cover. Are 
you guys touring 

J : We have done two 

tours. We did one last summer and then over 

spring break, like everybody is in school and 

this tour right now is just a disaster It's not 

really a tour 

The disaster tour... . 

J : It would have been an intemational tour but 

we are not even playing in the United States 

because everything fell through. Like we were 

supposed to play Detroit last night that fell 

through. Then we have this, then we are going 

to a show right after this at K-os.And the place 

tomorrow is called Planet Kensington. Then 

we are playing in Ottawa and then we are going 

home. Like we were gonna, just everything fell 

through. We were going to head over to New 


E: We have a show in New York but we are 

cancelling it because we are too poor. . . 

J: And we don't want to spend 3 days doing 

nothing and then playing New York and then 

drive all the way back to Wisconsin, so we just 

figured that driving back from Ottawa would 

be the cheapest. 

What brought you up to Toronto ? We are 

happy to see you but why did you decide to 

come in this direction ? 

J : We were planning our tour at the same time 

as the MODERN MACHINES and we just 

talked it over We wanted to go East and we 

j ust figured that we would start out by going to 

Canada because some of us have never been to 

Canada before and it just seemed like a good 

idea to come up through here. We were kind of 

afraid of the border thing because 1 have heard 

a lot of bands don' t get across but luckily we 

got right through. 

You don't have any good border stories to 

tell us ? 

A: No. 

Damn. How can people get in touch with 


J: They could go to and there are 

e-mails for each of us on there or 

hotcarl77(a) . 

Are there any last comments ? 

A : Thanks for having us. We love Canada. 

J : Try and show up at the show right after this 

or tomorrow night at Planet Kensington. 

Thank you for coming up here from Milwaukee. 


The MODERN MACHINES are a 4-piece from 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin that toured up Toronto 
way on the July 6^^ weekend. Martin Farkas 
VW3S able tD sheer themour way and they were 
able tD play the radio show and talk a spell 
Here is \]hat transpired. 

Introduce yourselves and tell us what you 
do in the band ? 

Nato (N): My name is Nato. 1 play guitar, sing 

and have renamed the band CANADIANS ON 


Jon (J): 1 amjon. 1 play drums. That's aboutit. 

Ben(B): He smells. 

J: Yeah that too. 

Dan (D): I'm Dan and 1 play bass and 1 am 

going to be a teacher some day. 

B : r m B en. 1 play guitar and 1 am not going to 

be a teacher 

N: Naw you are going to be a preacher 

What's the CANADIANS ON 


N: We saw some in Michigan and decided that 

that was a better name than DEAD FARM 

which we had changed our name to the day 

before. We' re on tour right now. We' re changing 

our name at every show, but when we get home 

we will be the MODERN MACHINES again. 

Were you guys in any bands before this ? 

N:Yeah, 1 wasinAFl. 

D : It is funny that you should ask that because 

actually all four of us used to be in a band called 

the SHRUB BERS, which was basically us 

learning how to play and write songs for three 


J: Then we got good, changed our name and 

became this band here. 

B : Except 1 am just the add on bassist. 

D : Yeah 1 should add that B en and 1 were never 

in that band at the same time. 

Tell us about your scene. What's it like ? 

N: It's basements, man, and that's where it's 


D : We have a song called "We A re a B asement 

B and" because . . . 

N: It rules. 

D: Yeah. It's like, there is this basement. It's 

our friends house in Milwaukee and they put 

on all kinds of shows. Like any kind of not just 

limiting the sub sub genres of certain kinds of 

punk. It's like any kind of music gets played 


N: Which of course means that a lot of shit 

comes through, but ultimately everybody does 

community service and has to watch a bad band 

now and again and it pays for itself because the 

good bands come there too. We got the 


real soon. 

J : The FIG S played there with a billion people. 

N: The FIGS if you know 

who they are. 

What about locally ? What 

bands do you play with 

locally ? 

D : We play with all kinds of 


What bands would you 

recommend as being good 


J: Definitely the CATHOLIC 

BOYS. HOLY SHIT is a very 

good band. 

D: HOLY SHIT is my 

favourite band. 

They had a split demo with 


N: Yeah, both those bands 


D : I am a roommate with one 

of those guys. 

Tell them they are 


N: If anybody is a fan of the MYSTERY 


Yeah the MY STERY G IRL S were up here. 

N: It's a friend of ours in town named Simon 

said that Toronto hardcore has a hard-on for 

Milwaukee Wisconsin garage punk so I guess I 

have to dispel some rumours because the 

TEENAGE REJECTS don't exist anymore in 

case anyone thinks they do. They have turned 

into the CATHOLIC BOYS and the 

CATHOLIC BOYS are maybe the best band in 

Milwaukee so you got to see them the next 

time they come to town. 

Okay, who are you guys described as ? Have 

people said hey you guys sound like ? 

N: Are you familiar with the 4-piece 

LEMONHEADS - "HateY our Friends " ?Well 

that is actually weirdly enough the most 

accurate description. 

D: Yeah sometimes. 

N: I like to think we sound like a DANIEL 

FORD - JOHN COLTRANE cross, but you 

guys can decide that at home in listener land. 

We're accousto- 


Who writes the lyrics 

in the band ? 

J: Everyone. 

What is your 

favourite song from 

a lyrical standpoint 

and why .... so 

essentially what is 

the song about ? 

N: The song that I 

wrote is my favourite 

lyrical standpoint is, 

you know this is a 

really tough question, 

Nato on guitar and vocals. 

Left to Right: Ben on 

but I guess I will say of the songs that we 
played tonight my favourite one in terms of 
the lyrics would have to be the last song we 
played "Silver Down" and we played that one 
kind of slow. Normally that song would kick 

you in the ass if you heard it, 
but instead it just sort of 
made love to you softly. I like 
that one because it kind of 
conjures up a lot of images 
for me of winter nights and 
sitting watching sunsets and 
sunriseS; you know, it's 
pretty weak but and then my 
favourite song by anybody 
lyrically is... 

Are you looking for a date 
or something ? 
D : I actually want to many a 
Canadian girl so I can live 

N: Yeah I'll do anything, 
Giris, guys, in between. I'll 
do anything to move here. 
B: Canadian citizenship. I 

need some health insurance. 

We are into that. 
N: I may have mentioned the names Ashcroft 
and Santorum earlier Just to be clear I was not 
speaking of the U.S. Attorney General or the 
Senator from Pennsylvannia, both of whom are 
very close minded reactionaiy 
politicians. I was not speaking 
of them and certainly not 
advocating anything, okay ? 
B : Are you talking about that 
song, "Two Bullets, One Gun, 
Two Heads" thing ? 
N: It is a metaphor for 
attending a garden of roses. 
B: Are we still on the lyric 
question ? 

Yeah, does anyone else want 
to take a turn at that ? 
J : I like the lyrics of the covers that we do 
because.... ( /a li^/iter) 
... because they are not yours. 
N: My favourite song is definitely "All" by 
What have you released so far ? 
D: We've self released three cassette eps and 

we have a split 

N: Cassettes. They 
still make those? 
D:(/ai/^/iter) That's a 
kid in Utah. We have 
a split album with a 
band from G reen B ay 
called the 

J : Now defunct. 
D: They broke up. 
That's ai New 
Disorder Records. 
And actually we just 

recorded for an album 

called "Thrap". That should be out in a couple 
of months under New Disorder. And that's all 
we have right now. 

J: We are suppose to have a song on the 
HICKEY tribute CD, but that's not out yet. 

J on on drums 

guitar and Dan on 

Oh wow. You guys are into HICKEY ? 

D : W hen you have the tattoo on your chest. . . . 

B : It is guaranteed to be out this year 

Who is doing that ? 

J: This guy named Pete. It's called Urban 

Renewal Records. 

B : The last I heardi^ecess was putting that out. 

N: Yeah, Geffen is putting it out. 

J : No, no, no. It's that guy Pete that does stuff. 

N: And then we will sue HICKEY for not 

sounding like themselves. Sorry I am going 

through a Neil Young 80 's phase right now. 

What brought you up to Toronto ? 

D : We wanted to play some music. 

N: We are trying to immigrate illegally 


Good. Good job. 

B : We are actually trying to make money off of 

Canada without paying taxes for it. 

N: Oh man. 

J : People are listening to his, they got us 


B : We had to lie to the border patrol about... . 

N: Actually we didn't have to lie to the border 


Do you guys have any good border crossing 

stories ? 

N: The guy at the 
border looked like 
Scott Thompson from 
Kids in the Hall if he 
was dressed up like a 
border guard with a 
moustache and he of us didn't have 
a birth certificate and 
he informed us that 
"It's a different world 

'■ since 9/1 1 . W here have 

you been ? Hiding out with Osama ?" 

... and your answer was "Yes". 

N: I actually just sort of chuckled and said 

J: He stared blankly ahead. It just seems that 

because he has such a boring job he had to give 

somebody shit and we were it. I think it is so 

cool to be able to swear on the radio. 

N: I got to say that I was still drunk and no one 

else would drive when we woke up to go for 

some reason. I polished off most of a litre of 

Jose Cuervo tequila because I read in a Hunter 

Thompson book that tequila and gin have a 

mildly hallucinogenic high because they are 

made from berries. 

B : Tequila isn't made from berries. It is made 


N: Hunter Thompson. Don't argue. 

How can people get in touch with you ? 

N: www. That's org. 

J : . . . because we are a non-profit organization. 

We do not make profit. We want to but we 


Are there any last comments ? 

D: Go for it all. Positive Mental Attitude. 

B: Bloomberg. 

N: Bloomberg. Howard Deenan for all the 

American citizens. 

Left to Right: Jay on drums and Konrad on guitar, the newcomers. 

hand from Edmonton Alherta, playing oi 
inspired street punk. WNH formed in 1997. After 
being offered their first gig, the original singer 
left and Luke's little brother joined the band. 
The band released a split with the CLEATS, a 
full length, an ep, and a new CD entitled 
"Superiority Complex'. They were playing 
Toronto and Teras from RIOT99 arranged for 
them to play the radio station on Sunday June 
15^^. The recording aired on Ec[ualizing-X- 
DistDrtonSundciyJdy20^ . Intjer\4ewcondiict]ed 
and photos tuken by Sbephe Peny. 

Who is in the band ? Let's just go around 
and do a microphone check so that we know 
who is playing what. 

Luke (L): Luke. Bass. 

Graeme(G): Graeme. Vox. 

Jay G): Jay. Drums and Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

L: Mmmmmmm. 

Konrad (K): Konrad. Guitar. And we are the 

super friends. Yeaaaahhh! Friendship! [clap, 

clap, clap) Friendship! [clap, clap, clap) 

So you have a couple of new members in 

the band. So who is new and how did you 

guys come together ? 

G : Allow me to field this. 

A re you temporary members or permanent? 

K: It depends if 1 am going to accept their 


G: Oh yeah, he's on temp. 

K : I am trying out the band. 

G ood. And how do they feel on you ? 

L: He's sleeping his way through the band. 

K: Well we are thinking about a D- on bass. 

Graeme is about a 3 out of 5 for vocals. Ah 

now, I am the new guitar player I guess as of 

last September 

G: Yeah, Lance Kozak had to go. He just ran 

off one day. He just threw his guitar down. We 

got home from tour and he just ran off into the 

woods. We never saw him again. 

L : He heard a song called "Witch's B rew" and. . . 

G : I guess he is recording some new album on a 

mountain peak. I think Mt. Logan. So he's got 

a good metal record coming out soon. J ay field 

this one. 

J : Thanks G raeme. I am the touring drummer I 

didn' t record with them, but they kidnapped 


again that's MAD BOMBER SOCIETY that 

they kidnapped me from. 

K: www. 

J : Oh yeah, I am just on tour with them for a 

month and whenever they need it. 

L : Yeah he was spying on me from the bushes 

and those hands look like they could play a 

few, you know they could be put to some use. 

K: He's pounding the skins alright. 

G: Dude that's what I thought when I was 

watching him take a shower. I mean, we' re men. 

We were like beating the shit out of some dudes, 


L : We're conservationalists, you know. We all 

have to take showers together Share the same 

foldovers. Soap and foldovers. 

How long have WEDNESDAY NIGHT 

HEROES been together ? 

G :We have been together since 1997 and... .yeah 

that's quite a long time. Well we started in 1997 

because we were all kind of . . . well Luke started 

the band with Todd and they decided to come 

up with the idea of doing a band to escape from 

boredom from high school and it's been working 

out okay. I am still in high school. 

L : We never could quite capture the J ohnTesch 

imagery that we were going for 

G : Yeah John Tesch was our first singer 

L : So we brought in aYani look-a-hke - Konrad. 

G : But I'm the J ohnTesch look- a- like and that's 

alright because that guy is fucking sweet. 

J: He's handsome. 

G : He is a handsome man Jay. 

J: Thanks Graeme. 

And what was the initial idea aside from 

escaping boredom, what was the idea behind 

the band ? 

G: Well we just wanted to do something that 

would be like. . . we wanted to do a streetpunk 

band that at the time it was j ust mostly wanting 

to play something fast and extreme punk, you 


L : A nd at the time, there was only crust in the 

city, hke it was all crusty bands. Between '95 

and '97 that was all there was in Edmonton. 

G : So they were following in the heels of the 

crusty kids and the GLORY STOMPERS. 

L: Well actually yeah it was bands like the 

GLORY STOMPERS that really kind of ... . 

We got bands hke the SYSTEMATICS, the 

LA CKEY S, they all started coming out and we 

always turned it around and played more 

English style punk rather than Minneapolis 

style crust... 

G: Wahooo, Minneapolis style. 

L: ... but that's kind of where it all stemmed 


G : ... but we have really changed. We are full 

blown crust now. We are very much like 


K: BLEEDING RECTUM are probably our 

main influence. 

G : A ny ass band really. 

K : You can't argue with that one. 

L: I'm just into wearing panchos and not 

showering, it's all good. 

Where did the nameWEDNESDAY NIGHT 

HEROES come from ? 

G : Luke would you like to field this one ? 

L: No, I'll let you take that one. 

G: I wasn't there. I wasn't an official first 

member I was a temp. 

K: Six year temp. 

G : Yeah it started in . . . like Luke and Todd went 

and saw TWISTED SISTER one night at the 

Thunderdome... . 

K: Wasn't it just one of them... . 


MOTHERFUCKERS, but we want to say 

TWISTED SISTER to make this story a little 

cooler Konrad. Alright this story is officially 

mined. No anyway they went and saw DEE 

SNIDER AND SMF and I guess it was pretty 

crazy. Lots of lumberjacks and crazy widows. 

L: Brutal haircuts. 

G : A nd I guess they went on . . . we were all 

fans of TWISTED SISTER too because it's 

like a glam band with such potent . . . 

L: It's like Edmonton folk rock. 

G : I mean there is so much rock in Edmonton. 

So it was a big show. It 

was at the CoUsseum and 

stuff and like anyway 

they played and he was 

on stage and he didn't 

even know what day it 

was. He was yelling at the 

crowd. He was like "Yo 

man is this Thursday ?" 

And everyone was like 

"What? No it's 

Wednesday/' they yell at 

him. Dee Snider quickly 

re- adjusts himself and he 

was like "Yeah man it's 

Wednesday night. You 

guys don' t give a fuck about school, you don' t 

give a fuck about work, you guys are just into 

rocking out you guys are theWednesday night 

rockers/' he yelled to the crowd. And the crowd 

quickly responded "No, Luke, Todd, and Lance 

- you are theWednesday Night Heroes" .There 

ya go. What a story, eh ? It was on aTales from 

the Crypt episode. 

So aside from TWISTED SISTER who do 

you consider influences on the band ? 

G : I don't know, Yani and John Tesch. 




Yeah I noticed the HATEBREED. 

G: Well I'm sure you can hear a lot of the 


Well you know like we are all in our track suits 

right now so. 

Beating your chests. 

G : No I just like being from Canada. I think a 

lot of the mix of American and English so we 

listen to bands like BLITZ, GBH, 


FINGERS and then from the States bands like 


FREEZE... . 

L: And probably DOA... . 

K : Yeah even Lumberjack punk, we like. 

L: The Canadian SUBHUMANS. 

G : And like we said any band that was pretty 

much from a very remote area of the world 

that their records are really hard to find, like a 

lot of Fiji punk and anything from Tahiti. 

K : We are only into the elite shit. 

L: I was into Togo Pogo punk. 

G: Yeah there is some wicked pogo pits in 

Togo {laughter). Anything that is just so 

insane. It's j ust because we are crazy like that. 

K : Totally dude. 

Who have you been compared to ? 

G : Well actually I have been compared to Peter 

Frampton from like the greats really. G eddy 

J— I WW • • • 

K : Overweight Billy Idol I have heard. 

L: Someone once said I was like a cross 

between Dom Delouise and Burt Reynolds. 

Everybody: Ohhhhh, as a band ? 

G : That is a completely different question. 

L : I still say Dom Delouise and Burt Reynolds 


K: Oh yeah, we are just so 
fuckin' diverse. 
G : We are just so crazy. 
K : A little bit of world music 

• • • • 

Left to Right: Graeme screaming his guts out, Konrad playing gits, and Lulce 
playing Bass and singing back up vocals. 

G : We' re like Smokey and the B andit. 

L : We' re like the Cannonball Run crew. 

G: Yeah we are actually just compared to 

movies. We are like the Monster Squad. No 

actually, I don' t know. A lot of people just say 

that we have put on a show like SNFU and 

stuff but live I don' t know. We have never really 

heard too many people say much other than 

just small zines tiiat just want to ... 

L : . . . sound like shit. 

G : Yeah, they sound like SHIT. But that band's 

awesome though. SHIT's first record is .... 

L : When I meet that band I am going to crush 

their skulls. 

G : SHIT's first record is awesome. 

K: The B-side of their first 7" is probably the 

best song they ever put out. 

G : That song... .ahhhh wicked. 

But you have a few releases out. You had to 

have been described as something. 

G : Well Devol said we sound like PETER AND 

THE TEST TUBE BABIES kind of stuff and 

that's cool with me because I love those kind of 

bands. A lot of people... I mean we are just so 

hard to classify. 

Luke on bass and back up vocals. 

G : A lot of people say we 

sound like early TEA 



L: Plati tides of the 


G: ...mixed with the 

attitudes of 


L: And we have a Hare 

Krsna kind of undertone. 

How many releases do you have out now ? 
G: We have a couple. Lets say a handful of 
compilations. I don't even know which ones, 
like a lot of them have a song on them. We're 
not getting any royalties. Our lawyer will be 
contacting many of these labels [laughter). We 
had our first split 7" come out in 2001 and that 
was with the CLEATS. And then we had our 
first album - self titled. That was a solid record 
forus. Wheh. Platinum in Togo [laughter). 
Which means you sold three. 
K : Four. 

G : Well to the mayor and his concubines. They 
used to orgy to that album all the time. Oh give 
me love long time. Just having a smoke and 
pumping three chicks. He is like "Yo man, put 
on track 4" . So we have the first album and tiiat 
one is just doing fucking crazy forus [laughter) 
and then our second 7" came out last year - 
2002 - goodyearforus - that was "No Regrets 
for our Youth". That was a sweet 3 songs. 
L: That was a break out in Chad. 
G : Yeah we really did do well in Chad. 
L : Number one with a bullet. 

K: It still actually is top of the charts. 

G : Really ! Geez. They love that record. 

K : I don' t know how many weeks there are 

in a year. About 54. 

G : I never knew a 7" would chart so well. I 

am just so happy. And then our new album. 

We are on a promo tour for it, right now. 

So is it about to be released ? 

G : Yeah it is going to come out in August. If 

you come to our shows though, you can get 


What is the new album called ? 

G: It's called "Superiority Complex". 

And how many songs are on it ? 

G: 12 and it clocks in at 27:12. 

Wow. That's significant. 

G : That's a long record. 

K : That's 1 2 songs. That's enough to get us a 

FACTOR grant. Barely. 

G: FACTOR. Factor This! [laughter) 

K: ... into your grant. 

Is there any covers on this or are they all 

originals ? 

G : Yeah it's all originals. 

1 ask because you did a cover on the last 


G : The 1" is the only thing that is the only 

cover that we ever recorded. I think we are 

going to do some A PRIL W INE covers that we 

are going to bust out. 

K : I mean that cover was more pressured on by 

the label. We didn't have much say in it. 

Are you serious aboutA PRIL WINE ? 


Do you do any covers or are you thinking 

about doing any ? 

G : We started doing "I Won' t Pay for Liberty" 

by theANGELIC UPSTARTS, which is a great 

song and I think we want to do an ADICTS 

cover coming up pretty soon. 

K : We are contemplating a BLOOD cover, too. 

"Done Some Brain Cells Last Night" by 


L: ... but covers are more fun things to do. 

G : We used to do a load of covers. Like we used 

to do "Emergency" the INFA RIOT version. I 

love that version. So we did that. 


G : Yeah, we did 01 POLLOI "Boot Down the 



BABIES songs. 

G : So I guess those zines were right when they 

compared us to PETER AND THE TEST 

TUBE BABIES. We did rip them off pretty 


K : We don' t really do that many covers though. 

G : Yeah, we can never really agree on anything. 

Yeah it' s hard finding something reflective 

of the band. 

K : Especially locally people want to hear songs 

from our first record. So we would rather fit in 

our own stuff or write new songs then work on 


G: That's true, wouldn't you say Teras. 


G: Who is this guy ? Security get him out 

{laughter). Hejust baiged in on our inten^iew. 

How did you get hooked up with Longshot 

il lU 

G: Mike Josephson, who runs the label, he 
started off the label and he was just putting out 
a lot of compilations and helping DSS from 
A ustria at the beginning, but then tlie label was 
kind of not doing much so I hung out with him 
when I went down to see COCK SPARER in 
B erlin, a couple of years ago, and I had this 
super shitty demo of our stuff and I showed 
him some video tape and he's seen us before 
and he really liked our show and he was good 
friends with me so I think we hounded him for 
a year straight to put out something and then 
he finally decided to do a split with us and the 
C L E AT S, another band that was hounding him 
at the time, so from then hejust started putting 
out records and our first agreement was to do a 
split and then a 7" and then a CD and then 
everything has j ust been kind of good. A nd then 
on top of that he is signing other bands now so 
the label is growing so you've got RIOT 99 from 
Toronto, KNUCKLEHEAD from Calgary... 
K : A nd they j ust re- released their first two CDs, 
which the band put out independently first... . 

J ay pounding the skins. 

G : ... .and the SPITFIRES from Vancouver, the 

EXCESSIVES from Vancouver,... 


G : Yeah there is loads of bands. 

The NEW BREED from Nova Scotia. 


G: HATEBREED's coming out on Longshot 


K: They are going back to the basics. 

G : They are like, we want to bring out our back 

catalogue in Canada. But for us it's cool because 

now that more bands are getting into it, more 

people are being exposed to the label across 

Canada. Now it's really cool that people know 

what the label is from Quebec City to Vancouver 

I think it's growing slowly, but it's coming and 

with all these blockbuster records, like RIOT 99, 

how can you go wrong ? Just order . 

What are some of the lyrics that you sing 

about ? What are some of the ideas you 

sing about ? 

G : I guess all the sings are kind of the same. 

Either it will be really stupid andj ust something 

that I j ust want to get out and kind of make fun 

of something. It starts off with something kind 

of funny and just like whatever, but now I guess 

in the last album there is more songs about 

being proud of being punk and whatever and 

just being proud of tiie scene you're a part of 

and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about 

you, just doing your own thing. It's all about 

personal empowerment and kind of like society 

and just how fucked it is and how a lot of people 

have to go over a lot of hurdles to really do 

what they want to do instead of do what is 

expected of them. Like in Edmonton you are 

supposed to be a lumberjack and I am like 

"Fuck that" . Have you seen these white arms ? 


I am going to ask each of you what is your 

favourite song from a lyrical standpoint and 

why ? M aybe you can start G raeme and that 
will give everyone else some ideas. 

G: Well, I really hke "Music for the People". 
That's like a newer one. 
And why do you like it ? 

G : Well the reason is because I get so sick of so 
much pop culture and so much music, like 
mainstream stuff, that really doesn't reflect 
anything that I can relate to. You see like these 
so called punk bands and all this stuff to me its 
just - I mean its cool in one way that maybe 
punk is now making a bigger army because it's 
in the mainstream, but at the same time I think 
it is just really missing the point of the attitude 
and at least in the 70 's when it was in the 
mainstream or in the early 80's it was like the 
attitude of these bands was so in your face and 
you don' t get that kind of shit anymore so the 
reason why I like "Music for the People" is 
because that song really says fuck all that 
bullshit. Fuck J-Lo, Fuck all that stuff. 
L: Orhow quickly FLUX OF PINK INDIANS 
turns into FLOCK OF SEAGULLS. 
G: How quickly that FLUX turned into a 
FLOCK ? But that was the song title to give 
props to the bands that I think are just great 
like one of the first lines is "We tip our hats to 
the bands that give it their best. " I mean a lot of 
it too is to respect the bands that we have 
personally loved that no one gives a fuck about 
in some executive office, but 400 kids will go 
fucking crazy to them so obviously this bad 
has enough emotion and enough passion to make 
these kids go crazy. That's why I like that song. 
L: Lyrically, I think "Feedback" is probably 
my favourite song because it is about being on 
the road and basically I like being on the road 
more than I like being at home because I hate 
working and I am not good at that at all, but I' m 
good at getting drunk . . . 
G : He is excellent at getting drunk. 
K: This is his resume right here. 
G : So anyone who wants to hire him. 
L : I really don' t like. . . .it j ust captures the whole 
essence of being on tour That's what I would 
rather be doing full time rather than punching a 
cash register or shovelling shit or whatever tiie 
hell I do. 

G : He wants to be a beer gourmand. 
K : Well I was going to say as well "Feedback" 
sort of the same reasons. One thing I like about 
the song, musically I started writing the song, 
but brought it to the practise and everyone 
threw in their cents and it came out so perfect 
and it was j ust so cool to see a song that turned 
into one of my favourites. 
It is kind of a true reflection of the band. 
K: Yeah. And it's just fun to play live. And 
when I wrote it I was pretty pissed off. It 
pretty much hit the point that I just want to 
get the hell out and go on tour It had a lot to 
say about wanting to go on the road and I mean 
we have been on the road for about four weeks 
now and before that two weeks and since none 
of us are ready to go home. Financially we are. 
G : Financially we are ready to go to jail. 
K: Another song, I guess "Style Over 

Substance" from a content standpoint that's 

another really cool song. It is sort of like a tip 

of the hat to anyone who remains punk. A lot 

of our friends have grown up and have sort of 

gotten above or matured or whatever they call 

it onto not music at all or ... . 

L: It was a song we wrote after Lance left that 

was kind of directed at him. 

K : It wasn' t directed at Lance. . . 

L: Well not at Lance... 

K: ...a couple of ex- girlfriends too. 

G: "Style Over Substance" was a song we 

wrote because there was so many people 

looking down at our youth culture .... 

K : ... but had been a part of that youth culture 

and it's like they grow up and everything they 

had stood for didn't count anymore because 

they reached a certain age bracket or maturity 

bracket and 1 think it's just bullshit that people 

can' t mature and listen to other music^ but there 

is no reason why you have to wipe away 

everything you have listened to. 1 mean 1 still 

listen to the bands that 1 listened to in Junior 

High or Elementary School, like Weird Al 



K: BOOT SAUCE ? You're the dude that 

hstened to BOOT SAUCE. But yeah, that's a 

song that is closer to home. 

G : What about you Jason ? 

J : 1 am going to go ahead and steal everybody 

else's answer also and say "Feedback", just 

because 1 thought about tiiat as soon as you 

finished the question. 

L: That's why 1 wanted to say it first. 

J: the lyrics in it are the shit because it's all 

about just getting the hell out of your job and 

your mundane life and just hitting the road and 

seeing where the fuck it takes you. 1 mean the 

last month or the last two months being on 

tour with these guys have been the fucking best 

and sick of the everyday trying to break free. 

Yep that's what 1 want to do. So yeah, totally 


K: 1 love you guys. 

L : B ut what is cool about the record is that it is 

a transition from the older group to the newer 

group because Lance did write three songs on it 

so it's good that he gets a piece of it as well you 

know because everyone who has helped build 

the band really contributed to the album. It's 


You' re on tour now, how long have you been 

on tour ? 

G : We are all at school right so . . . 

J : I'm not. 1 am a fucking working bum. 

G : He gets to tour quite a bit with his other 

band when we are stuck at school, but when 

we get our four months off we just go crazy so 

pretty much as soon as we were done we. . . 

L: 1 threw down my rickshaw and said "Lets 

get the hell out of here" . 

K: Yeah, he parked his jalopy .... 

G : Yeah 1 punched my teacher in the face and 

just ran out and jumped in this van that some 

how showed up with the band in it. "Can 1 sing 

dudes." "Yeah". "Where are we going to play?" 

Graeme on vox. 

so we just landed on the road, but it's good. 

K : We did Western Canada first. Prince G eorge 

and Vancouver and then we went out to the 


So you mostly have just toured Canada ? 

G : We have toured Canada three times but we 

have done a bunch of mini tours throughout the 

year when we get a week off from school we 

always go and it was good because last year we 

got to tour with RIOT 99 and that was super 

fun and this year we went down to the States 

again and man it was so much better. We were 

there for three and a half weeks and it was just 

wicked. We ended up getting to play with a lot 

of great bands and finally meet two people in 

the States which 1 really appreciate outside of 

Seattle and Portland. Like we couldn' t even get 

arrested anywhere else. This time we even got 

pulled over a whole bunch. A nd a bunch of kids 

came out. 

L : Who knew that you could get pulled over in 

D enver for having a cracked windshield ? 

K: Did you know that ? Or you can't hang 

anything off your rear view mirror even though 

we can' t even use our rear view mirror 

L : You can' t even shank a bum in the street. 

G : Yeah apparently you can't set bums on fire. 

K : Since when was bum burning a crime ? 

G : What a weird country ? 

K : In the three and a half weeks we went all the 

way down the west coast to L . A . and we hit 

every major city. We missed San Francisco due 

to vehicle problems... 

G: ...butwehitYreka. 

K : Three days in beautiful Northern California, 

Y reka. Probably the worst place in the fuckin' 


G : That is what hell on earth is. 

K: We got ripped off by some asshole 

mechanics who we are going to go back and 


What a surprise ? Mechanics ripping people 

off. Do you have any interesting tour stories 
aside from getting stuck ... 

K : 1 almost got beat up on stage last night. 

L: Oh yeah, 1 smacked some dude over the 

head with my bass. 

K : 1 think he really liked us but he was really 


L : ... but mine was a more well timed 

G : 1 gave him a piledriver 

L : A nd then 1 had him onto the side of the stage 

where he was just clutching the back of his 


G : Mon tete. Mon tete a bruiser 

L : 1 was on the shank watch because he was 

just sitting on the side of the stage and 1 thought 

he was going to come running at me. 

K: Well motherfucker comes out of nowhere 

and its like tackles me up against the mic stand 

and me and G raeme are like hitting him and this 

guy is like blind drunk by then so punches and 

kicks weren' t going to do and out of nowhere 

comes this big brown bass and Whoop- bam 

and the guy went down. 

L : 1 wasn' t going to go back to the floor for that 


G : There is another good story. We ended up 

doing a .... our first day in New York we didn't 

know you had to pay to use all the restrooms. . . 

J : Shall we re-enact it. Okay 1' 11 be the security 

guard and you be you. 

G : Alright so we're looking around and all the 

restrooms are all closed so Luke was like just 

go piss on the street. 

K : This is on St. Mark's Place. There is tons of 


G : So 1 went into this office building and 1 went 

and pissed on the window like right in this 

httle area. 1 was just pissing and the dooropened 

up and a security guard comes out and he says 

like "Hey Man, why do you got to piss there?" 

and 1 was like "Hey Man, 1 didn't know you 

couldn' t" and then he just started laughing and 

then closes the door When we played our show 

in D enver, we roll in and bring our gear in and it 

is like this huge warehouse and all these kids 

are beating the fuck out of each other There 

was a kid riding a bike in the pit. 

L : Oh yeah, but on the way home we stayed at 

this crazy guy's place who takes us back to his 

house . . . 

K : . . . with a thick southern drawl .... 

L : . . . and he was from D etroit and he was like 

"Don't stop at the red lights keep going 

forward. Any cop stops you I'll punch them in 

the face and run." 

G: But some cool stuff. We played at 

Manitoba's Club in New York. Handsome 

Dick's Club frx)m the DICTATORS so that was 

kind of cool. He was there and JAYNE 


the DJ. And 1 was hanging out outside and 1 

saw Theo frx)m the LUNACHICKS and 1 was 

like "Brrrrlllllll" Holy shit man. 

L: AndTer's favourite theTOlLET BOYS 

G:Ter's favourite frDm theTURDLET BOYS 


J: And we saw Paul Stanley in L.A. and that 






^^^^HJ^^^r^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 



Left to Right: Konrad on guitar and Lulce on Bass, with Graeme scrounging up back 
up singers from the crowd at the station. 

was a huge highlight for me, but these clowns 

can' t appreciate it because they are still a little 

too young, but 1 was in my gloiy. 

L: I don't dig disco [laughter). 

G: Oh and I almost got in a fight with some 

cmsties from L.A. because they said fuckin 


K : G raeme went up and spit right on his G ucci 

NAUSEA patch. They were Melrose cmsties. 

G : I ripped off his Calvin KleinANTI- SCHISM 


Do you have more touring this summer ? 

G: Yeah actually, we are hoping to hook up 

with the guys from DEFIANCE again in July 

and we might be doing a small Western C anada, 

maybe out to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, 

Alberta, Vancouver kind of thing so we are 

hoping that goes through. 

K : We just have to fix our van. 

G : And then we hope we are going to jump on 

some other touring inA ugust we might be doing 

with If our van is fixed we hope to come 

back through here, but as it seems now I don' t 

think we are going to be able to go across C anada 


K : I don' t know if that duct tape will hold. 

G : I'm not sure if we have enough RIPCORDZ 

stickers to hold it together. 

K: Thanks to Paul Gott for giving us a good 

stack of stickers to keep our van together 


coming to Western Canada so we are going to 

try and jump on a couple of those shows and 

hopefully get down to the States with those 

guys, as well. Hopefully that all works out. 

Are you working on more writing ? 

L : Well usually when we write an album it gets 

done at the last minute. 

K: Yeah like this last album, some of it was 

written before I joined last summer, actually 

even before maybe, but the majority of it was 

written within a month period. 

G : But that's the way you've got to do it with 

your backs against the wall. 

K : We recorded and mixed this thing none stop 

over Christmas. 

L : I found out that there is a thing that I love 

that I can only get inA merica and that is machine 

guns. Man, machine guns are pretty cool. 

G : He was just fucking shooting stop signs. He 

walked up to this fuckin' cop car and riddled it 

with bullets. 

K : What about the poster in Seattle ? 

And you went Bowling in Columbine ? 

G: Oh yeah, there was this poster we saw in 


K : Well first, last year when we went to Seattle 

they gave you a gun, what was the first thing 

you did with it ? 

G : I stuck the gun to my head. 

K : A nd sure enough that's the next poster for a 

show in Seattle. 

G : I can' t wait until my mom sees that one. 

L: What was that IceT album ? "Power". With 

the chick standing there. I try and do something 

like that. 

G : That is for Luke's solo record. 

Again what is the name of the new record 

coming out ? 

G: Superiority Complex. 

And when is it due out ? 

K : A ugust. 

G : A Tuesday in August. 

And how can people get in touch with 


G : You can e-mail us at wnherees(a) 

or you can check out our website at That's heroes with an 


As opposed to the American way. 

Everybody: He-res. 
Any last comments ? 

G : Bring on the bitches. 

L : r ve discovered that even if I drink little and 

I sit in a van and its raining I will still puke 


G: M on tete a bruiser 

K: Stay out of Yreka. And don't eat at Carl's 

Junior, ever, or Burger King. That Denver 

show. The thing that was great about this whole 

Denver show was that we got some Burger 

King before this and I guess Jason was exempt 

because he felt fine, but I got one of them 

whoppers and I haven' t eaten B urger King since 

I was a wee little lad, last year, and I was busting 

out in sweats and I was like shaking and shit. 

G : You were wearing sweats at the show ? 

K: Fuck it. Fuck these jeans. Give me some 

sweats. I was trying to mosh and... 

L: I was just wearing my pancho, no pants. I 

pulled a charge when I was running down the 


K : G raeme ended up barfing right before we 

went on stage and while I was singing I puked 

in my mouth during "Style Over Substance" . It 

was just gross. 

G : You know what the coolest thing was. A fter 

the show we saw some dude driving by himself 

in a car with the Burger King crown on his 

head, by himself, driving. I don' t know what 

the fuck this guy's problem was or what his 

deal was but he was the "king" . 

J : He must have been touring all the stores. He 

was like the CEO or something. 

G : We have the Burger Wolf and he would have 

eaten the B urger K ing. 

Reviewers are: J onah Faico (J F), 

Simon Harvey (SH), |V|arl< Rodenhizer (|V|R) , 

and Stephe Perry (SP) 

Bread and Water "Everything so far... ."CD 
Usually discographies are retrospectives put out 
to remember a band. However, witii a titie like 
"Everything so far... " you get tiie impression 
that there is more to come. Let's hope so. The 
BORN DEAD ICONS of Dallas have a lot to 
offer. The metiiod behind tiiis discography is a 
littie unconventional. Instead of the chronological peeling forward tiiat 
traces a band's development, BREAD A ND WATER seems to favour an 
approach tiiat sees releases based on tiie distinction of vinyl release 
hierarchy. The full length material starts off tiiis discography, which was 
tiieir most recent stuff. Then tiie eps follow next and constitute the 
band's first recordings. The discography ends up with split eps, which 
on tiie spectiiim of releases comes after LPs and eps in terms of vinyl 
release clout. (Br^ad and Water/ RO. Box 595264 / Dallas, TX / 75359- 
5264 / USA) -SP 

Chainsaw "Just Need It" ep 

A collection of previously released songs from 

this intense Japanese hardcore band. I detected a 

strong POISON IDEA influence which was 

confirmed when I opened tiie sleeve to find tiieir 

singer calls himself "Jerry 0". More or less 

straight- forward hardcore played with the 

expertise and energy tiiat only tiie Japanese have managed to perfect. 

(Even Worse Records c/o Saenredamsti:44-2 / 1072ch Amsterdam / tiie 

Netiierfands) - MR 

Constricted "A Sick and desperate need tiiat 
drives me" ep 

This is a split studio / live ep. The studio tirack is 
fuckin' blistering sounding like a more y outiiful 
DEVOID OF FAITH. Tripping fastcore witii a 
LIP CREAM backdrop. I hate live recordings 
generally, but I have to say "Wow". The live 
stuff is tiippy sounding like tiie way tiie FUTURES can be. The bass 
barrels along making tiiis warbly sound. The tijouble witii tiiat is tiie bass 
player plays that rolling bass stuff tiiat LIP CREAM are famous for, 
which is crazy enough, but this sounds on the wrong speed, so it becomes 
too much. The vocals are shrouded under an extremely tiiroaty filter tiiat 
just sounds shredded and reminds me of tiie magic of DISK ONTO 's 
recorded stuff. When comparing tiie sides tiiey kind of sound like two 
different bands. So tiiey remind me of DEVOID OF FAITH witii tiie 
bass player from LIP CREAM fronted by tiie singer from DISK ONTO. 
That is pretty raging in my books. And a word to tiie first listener, don't 
pay attention to the back cover for tirack listings, read tiie centijepiece 
and it will make sense. There are 5 songs on this ep not two. (Answer/ 
Hase Bldg No. 2 B 1. - 5-49 / Osu 3 Naka-Ku / Nagoya City, Aichi 460 
/Japan) - SP 

Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life "Atrocity 

Exhibition" LP 

I remember owning a CF(U)DL spht in tiie 90's 

and I remember it being much too noisey for me 

to hold on to. One of their eps was titled 

something to the effect of sonically leveling 

Tokyo. CFDL were pioneers of a very noisey ^ 

crust sound from Japan. The distortion on the guitars is on 'extreme 

buzzsaw'. The song "My Hope" illustrates where that 9 SHOCKS 

guitar sound came from. CFDL combine this witii a milder version of the 

LIP CREA M rolling basslines. The vocals are throaty and gaunt sounding 

similar to the British grind scene practised by E.N.T. and SORETHROAT. 

And the drums are an on- going barrage of cymbal crashes and galloping. 

The material was originally released as a 6- song 7" ep on Standard of 
Rebellion in 1990. There are three additional songs on tiiis release and it 
is partially released by one of tiie bands singers, so it has tiie band's 
approval. (Answer/ Hase Bldg No. 2 Bl. - 5-49 / Osu 3 Naka-Ku / 
Nagoya City, Aichi 460 /Japan) - SP 

D.S.B. "Battie Into Invisible Zone" ep 

Three more ragers from one of Japan's finest, 


recent CD -only release in their homeland. The 

highhght of tiie record forme is "Human A rise" 

with its short guitar solo and manic vocal delivery. 

Exactiy what I've come to expect. (Kangaroo 

Records / Middenweg 13 / 1098AA Amsterdam /The Netiierfands)- MR 



Dialtones, The "Four Last Blasts" ep 

Four more songs from the now- defunct 

D I A LTO NE S (tiiis admittedly being tiie first I ' ve 

heard of tiiem, but hey!). Music like tiiis is hard 

to categorize. It's stiiicturally just simple rock 

and roll. I have a feeling tiiey 'd probably get 

lumped in with the "garage" idiom that essentially 

means notiiing anymore. In tiie end, a lot of tiie music that fits into tiiis 

category ends up lacking tiie truly idiotic inspiration to keep my toes 

tapping. Certainly not a bad record at all, just not a great one. (Rapid 

Pulse Records / PO Box 5075 / Milford CT / 06460 / USA / - MR 


Doughboys "La MajeurB 1987" ep 

This is a demo session the DOUGHBOYS 

(Montijeal, ex-ASEXUALS) recorded prior to 

their debut "Whatever" full-length. Slightly 

rougher versions of songs tiiat appear on tiie first 

LP. While in a lot of people's minds, the 

DOUGHBOYS are remembered for their 

Canadian radio/video hit "Shine", their career was much more interesting 

tiian tiieir one- hit- wonder image. Their earlier material is melodic punk 

influenced by Husker Du (probably "Candy Apple Grey "-era) as 

opposed to tiieir later, more grungey output. (Boss Tuneage / P.O.Box 

74 / Sandy Bedforrfshir^ / SG 19 2WB / UK) - MR 

Effigy "Grinding Metal Massacre" ep 

High pitched, tijeble sounding production tiiat 

sounds raw like an exposed nerve. A slow 

plodding guitar sound tiiat plays off chugs witii 

jangling parts that would make TRAGEDY 

proud. But tills is just tiie lead in. EFFIGY shed 

tiie pleasantiies for raw d-beat tiiat eventually 

comes back to plodding tiiat is laced witii guitar solos tiiat are j ust off tiie 

hook typical of Japanese hardcore. "From Hell" starts off witii some 

riffs tiiat could be lifted from AC DC had they not been so much harder 

sounding, but to say tiiat EFFIGY rocked like a cross between AC DC 

and SLAY ER would capture how slow tiiey can play. This is part of tiie 

"Darkness Series" by Crust War. EFFIGY 's flirtations with metal make 

this an apt named concept. (Crust War Overseas / P.O. Box 511 / 

Whippany, NJ / 07981-0511 / USA) - SP 

English Dogs "This is not a war?" CD 

This classic British punk band have gone tiirough many phases in their 
twenty years of existence, from tiie pure UK 82 hardcore punk of tiie 
"Mad Punx and English Dogs" 12" tiirough tiie increasingly metallic 
crossover of subsequent efforts, but here tiiey seem to have settied on a 
ratiier horrid mix of all- too- typical Britpunk mediocrity. Fat Wrecks- 
style pop garbage and squealing metal tedium. A couple of much rawer 
live renditions of early hits tacked on the end of tiie disc bring the energy 
levels up a bit, but seriously, who really cares at tiiis point? Definitely 
time to give it a goddamned rest already. (Retch Records / 49 Rose 

Crescent /Woodvale, Southport /Mersey side / PR8 3RZ / England) - SH 

Fangs "Metal Garage" 12"ep 
1 was pretty stoked when 1 was handed the 
FANGS record for review. 1 saw this band in 
Hamilton years ago (opening for DANKO 
JONES) and while I didn't think much of them 
then, I always end up running into them somehow 
years later While "Metal G arage" doesn't include 
information on who makes up the current line-up of the band, let me tell 
you about the FANGS 1 know. When she's not driving to Detroit to 
thrift-shop for METALLICA vinyl, the bass player is an accomplished, 
semi-professional harp player One time out bowling with mutual friends, 
upon discovering I liked J apanese hardcore, the Fang's guitar player 
asked me if I knew who GISM were. Needless to say, these guys aren't 
exactly your ordinary rockers. "Metal Garage" is a very solid display of 
their brand of hard rock. Influences range from ALICE COO PER and 
KISS with maybe even a little bit of THIN LIZZY 's guitar sound thrown 
in for good measure. A nd while the FA NG S might not be the most 
extraorxlinary rock outfit out there today, they definitely show more 
talent and good taste than the sorry "rawk" bands that you'll find in 
Toronto's bar scene. (Bad Reputation / P.O. Box 67516, Dragon City 
Postal Outlet / 280 Spadina Ave / Toronto, ON / M5T 3A5) - MR 

Fucked Up "Baiting the Public" single 

More FUCKED UP shenanigans. This time 

presenting one song that covers both sides of 

this forty- five. The song is awesome, powerful, 

rhythmic hardcore. I think I'll probably end up 

never flipping this record over because the bulk 

of the song is on the A -side, while on the B-side 

the song winds down allowing the band to indulge themselves, 

experimenting with clarinets and saxophones. As always, the record 

comes recommended despite the gimmickery. (Deranged Records / P.O . 

Box 543, Station P / TorDnto, ON / M5S 2T1) - MR 

Inversions, The "Hung By the Phone" ep 

For a split second at the beginning of the title 

track, I thought there was a girl singing which 

caught my ear Turns out to be a dude after all. A 

dude with a high-pitched voice. The musicianship 

is pretty competent, punky rock but the 

repetition of the chorus in all three songs started 

to grate on my nerves. My roomate liked the A -side quite a bit, though. 

Go figure. Extra points for killer sleeve design. (Rapid Pulse Records / 

PO Box 5075 / Milford CT / 06460 / USA / ) 

- MR 

Kick Joneses "Tales of Discontent" CD 

The KICK JONESES have the ability to combine 

elements of mod, new wave and punk. The use a 

ringing guitar sound straight off of "Police On 

My Back" to start out the CD. The second song 

hfts a chorus riff from the VAPORS "Turning 

Japanese". They rely heavily on a calculated 

strumming that'll have you pulling out your parkas. The vocals mainly 

sound like Andy Partridge of XTC until they hit the choruses and then 

a Danzig MISFITS- era comes out and it sounds like he is backed by a 

choir made up of TENPOLE TUDOR and DEXY AND THE 

MIDNIGHT RUNNERS. The KICK JONESES play a strumming rx)ck 

that uses punk and new wave riff age to get by. They have the melody of 

the UNDERTONES while sounding as poppy as XTC. KICK JONESES 

share the affiliation towards mod sounding music the same way SNUFF 

do except instead of drawing from hardcore and pop punk influences 

KICK JONESES rely more on new wave and punk references to paint 

their canvass, so to speak. (Boss Tunage / RO. Box 19550 / London, 


Knife Fight ep 

My advice to KNIFE FIGHT is to start sucking live and start doing it 
fast, because an otherwise great record is going to be completely dwarfed 
by their absolutely pummeling and leveling live performance. At least 
that's what I thought when I dropped the stylus on my new KNIFE 
FIGHT 7". This 7 inch varies in intensity, from machine gun fast 
drumming and lightning guitar riffs a la DEEP WOUND/Y OUTH KORPS/ 
NFX to driving fast hardcore which sounds like it could have been on 
one of the 'We G ot Power' comps. Side B starts with a lovely ballad, and 
continues in the same destructive vein as the rest of the 7 inch. A little 
more emphasis on slow parts on side B combined with furious speed 
and Jon's best Ron Rancid impression produces something akin to 
INFE ST. A great record, but make sure to hear it before you see them live 
which will probably produce profound effects on your previously A- 
rhythmic and static body when they finally roll through town. Favorite 
track is still 'Knife Fight;' Cool AMERICA'S HARDCORE cover as 
well (I would have done 'Cops are Criminals,' but hey). (My War Records c/o Matt Summers / 36 
Kings Circle / Malvern, PA / 19355-2002 / USA / ) - JF 

Miburo / RIP "Noriliem wolf & western tiger" spht CDEP 
Some pretty dodgy- looking J apanese oi here, as two crews of Nipponese 
chromedomes each turn in a pair of well- produced melodic punk anthems. 
RESOLUTE IMMORTAL PARTISAN appear first, and their long, 
driving songs feature gruff vocals, BLITZ-style guitar parts and the 
obligatory chanted backing vocals. MIBURO boast similarly strong vocals, 
but their very standard chum is delivered just a shade slower; some 
surprisingly tasty lead guitar work redeems this to a degree but the songs 
are still much too long and sometimes suffer from the usual leaden plod 
of so much oi music. By no means a disaster, this nonetheless remains 
far from essential. Lots of nationalist imagery here, but the lyrics are all 
in Japanese, so no idea of the context. (Straight Up Records / Kouwa 
Bld.3f / Minami-2 Nishi-1 / Chuou-Ku/ Sapporx) Hokkaido / 060-0062 
Japan) - SH 

Nailbiter "Abused" CD 

NAIL BITER are a group of kids from all over the 

place who have settled in England. The bass player 

is from Italy, the guitarist comes from Spain, and 

the drummer is from Brazil, although I did read a 

gig review in which the ex-UUTUUS drummer 

filled in so they may have a bit of a revolving 

membership of band mates. They have been compared to everything 


(who they cover on this release). But their sound tends to be on the big 

side as opposed to the bands mentioned here which are more raw 

sounding. This has a gutteral Brazilian song structure with the D-Beat 

production of later period Swedish hardcore and the J apanese style call 

and response vocals and the high flying guitar solos from the land of the 

setting sun. Prior to this CD NAILBITER have a split out with 

DESTRUCCION (Raw d-beat) and another with VIIMEINEN 

KOLONNA (from Finland). Musically, this is their best stuff yet. 

(Hardcore Holocaust/ RO. Box 26742 / Richmond, VA / 23261 / USA)- 


New Christs "We got this" CD 

I should probably attempt to complete this review without mentioning 
RADIO BIRDMAN. Sure NEW CHRISTS vocahst Rob Younger will 
always be known best for fronting that legendary Australian outfit, but 
they broke up well over twenty years ago and his current band has been 
going ever since, often with results that are impressive in their own right 
(see the "Distemper" LP and early singles for proof). Nonetheless, it's 
frankly difficult to see NEW CHRISTS in any context other than 
Younger's post-BIRDMAN deal. Mining a similar vein of Detroit-style 
punk- inflected hard rock with few concessions to the passage of time, 
the band certainly earn points for perseverance and dedication to a 

particularly worthy ideal of how rock'n'roll ought to be delivered. The 
record lacks any truly killer individual hits (at least on first listens), with 
conservative song- writing, restrained tempos and clean production taking 
precedence over any wilder impulses, but it's a solid and even impressive 
effort from a group of rock' n' roll die-hards clearly intent on fighting the 
good fight without regard for trends, "progression" or commercial viability, 
and that alone is worth a lot of respect. (Smog Veil / 316 California Ave. 
#207 / Reno, NV / 89509) - SH 

No Time Left 10" 

A blaze of furious hardcore that holds the power and drive of the F.U.s 
masterpiece 'My America' while injecting a very pronounced 70s rock 
and roll influence. Manic riffing that varies from something you would 
hear on the SY STEMATIC DEATH LP to a lead that sounds transplanted 
from MOTORHEAD's 'Killed by Death.' Orally, the true culmination 
of NO TIME LEFT'S collaborative listening efforts of the past 20 years, 
conjuring images of a small room filled with stacks and stacks of records 
surrounded by NTL's wall of sound devouring every groove and spitting 
it back out at it's listeners at lOOmph. Nick's vocals are a desperate and 
blown out growl and sen^e to stomp the Ellman/Jerid riffing into precise 
equilibrium with Adam's Lemmy/Erba inspired bass playing and Joe's 
unrelenting controlled cacphony on drums. Whether it's BLACK 
GAUZE, GUDON, or the FUs, this record is certainly one to bring 
home to mother (625 Productions / RO. Box 423413 / San Francisco, 
CA/ 94142-3413/ USA) -JF 

Punch In The Face "Dumb Hardcore" ep 

This, the newest PITF record, is probably what the result POISON 
IDEA circa '82 covering the VOID demo would have sounded like. A 
veritable car wreck of classic hardcore influences with rough production 
and a heavy dose of punk rock simplicity produces a fine, fine, record. 
Ebro's Brannon fused Jerry A vocal styling over the steady yet tastefully 
flawed back beat of Jeff Rice on drums, the hairpin turn guitar work of 
Jeff Jelen which occasionally disintegrates into wild atonal leads a la 
Greg G inn, all laced over the bed of Song's muffled bass. The title track 
is my favorite which is a mid- tempo anthem, sounding like something 
from the 1'^ 7 SECONDS ep (actually the piDduction on this lecoid is 
somev\±iat similar. . . a little less blown out) . I would act fast on grnhbing 
this, as it mi^ very well dis^)pear before your eyes. Also fantastic 
label artwoiH makingthislooklikeaStax, King, orHi Records 45. PITF 
c/o Ebro Vimmbrales / 2319 North Kedzie Blvd Apt 1-R / Chicago IL / 
60647 / USA / (Highly Questionable Records / 
P.O. Box 10715 /Chicago, 11/ 60610/ USA .)-JF 


RA SH have a full length and a split out with 

Venezuela's APATIA NO. Not to be confused 

with the anti- racist oi boys from Spain, these 

cats hail from Mehico and play a Brazilian grind 

inspired brand of hardcore. Flat in production, 

very percussive and fast, with throaty cookie 

monster styled vocals that don't tread into parody territory. RASH are 

kind of like a crx)ss between ARMAGEDOM and OHLO DO GATO. 

Take the sound of Brazilian metallic grind, toning down the metal, and 

peppering it with hardcore speed demonstrated in the slower aspects of 

the Dutch youth crust scene exemplified by bands like BETERCORE. 

RA SH also borrow aspects of the guttural percussive style personified 

by the early Northern Italian scene captured by the "Senza Tregua" 

comp. The are stripped down, no frills metal grind with aspects of early 

Italian hardcore and newer European youth crust to ground them. 

(Desobediencia Records c/o Manuel Ramirez / P.O. Box 126 / Seguin, 

TX / 78156/ USA) -SP 

Razors Edge "Razors Rising! ! ! ! " CD 

14 new tracks (except two of these appear on "Mosh Circlejerk Punks") 

and a new version of my favourite RAZORS EDGE song - "Razors 






9 ^r ' 



■ ^ ' 

■ f-J^nA ^^ 



it Jf 

r H^^p ^. ^^k 

P^^H ^ ^^m 


[' g m 


Edge is Most Thrash" For the most part, this is 
the same blitzkrieg thrash you have come to know 
and love from one of Japan's premier fastcore 
bands. You may recognize the singer's signature 
high pitched held note screaming- for- change 
side proj ect. A nd they still do a lot of the call and 
response between Kenji and the rest of the group, between verse and 
chorus. That is one of the elements that gives RAZORS EDG E a surging 
momentum to their songs - at the chorus you feel like you are being 
catapulted forward with the group response. The drumming still sounds 
like that deep dish snare that sounds like someone is playing a tin roof. 
The guitarist is still recycling the skate rock riffs, but has started to 
incorporate some guitar noodling with the odd solo. I think this recording 
is slightly tempered from the otlier material, but fuck if that means shit 
becauseRAZORS EDGE IS MOST THRASH (Pardonmy Caps Lock). 
For the uninitiated, imagine UNIFORM CHOICE in a tumbling match 
with EXCLAIM! while trying to pull off a JFA cover band. (Pizza of 
Death Records)- SP 

Reaching Forward "Complete Discography 

1998 - 2000" CD 

This is an accumulation of this Dutch 

powerhouse's collective efforts including the 

MANLIFTBANNER cover and some live 

renditions of a SIDE BY SIDE and a SHAM 69 

song. The release starts off with "For the Cause" 

that came out onReflections Records. Blazing fast youth crew complete 

with breakdowns that lead into chaos and the added bonus of progressive 

leftist lyrics. I can only imagine the pits that this material was the 

soundtrack for. Material for the split witii ENSIG N is next following by 

the split with BLOOD PACT. Then comes material that was released by 

Commitment Records. And a live show from Poland finishes the comp 

where they bust out the SIDE BY SIDE and SHAM 69 or 7 SECONDS 

cover depending on what generation you are from. Most of this material 

was previously only released in Europe but this discography is on an 

A merican label, which means that it is available for us folks on the other 

side of the pond. (Martyr Records / P.O. Box 955 / Hairiman, NY / 

10926-0955 / USA) -SP 

Reality Crisis "Open the Door and into the 

new Chaotic World" CD 

Opening with a C RA SS like audio collage drawing 

to the overwhelming hopelessness of the human 

race, this quickly launches into a crusty hybrid 

of peace punk consciousness riding a heavy 

looming d-beat that gallops its way into some 

serious headbanging. This reminds me a lot of CRESS, in their ability to 

combine CRASS consciousness with DOOM heavy iness. And once 

they shed the newsclip song breakage, REALITY CRISIS come out 

chai^ng. They sound as chaotic as ATROCIOUS MADNESS while 

being as heavy as as the CURSED. For Japanese terms of reference 


production or like KNUCKLEHEAD with some serious leverage made 

to the chaos meter. Think SLANG meets CONFLICT. (Answer/ Hase 



Sanity's Dawn / Yacopsae split CD 
First off, I want to say that this is an awesome 
split. Both bands are great. Both bands play an 
ultrafast style of hardcore that borrows from 
grind. B oth bands are from G ermany. B oth bands 
started in 1990. It probably makes a lot of sense 
for these bands to be doing something together 



13 years from their respective inceptions. Both bands recorded in March 
of 2003. Both bands recorded at the same studio. The production is 

identical. One would have trouble knowing this is a split as the bands are 
very similar sounding. SANITY 's DAWN have some slight differences. 
SANITY 's DAWN are traditionally a gore grind band from Germany 
but on this release they have toned down the gore side and emphasized 
the grind. They incorporate two singers into a lot of their songs. One 
singer sounds like a cross between the singer from BROTHERHOOD 
and the singer from DEVOID OF FAITH. The other singer has a style 
similar to LEFT FOR DEAD. They are super tight likeAGORAPHOBlC 
NOSEBLEED with the personality of SPAZZ and the energy of FUCK 
ON THE BEACH. YACOPSAE contribute new material for what is 
their W^ official iBlease, I believe, in 13 years not including conps. 
They keep cranking out their DRI meets LARM inspirBd hardcorB and 
they rBally do deserve your attention as they haven't gotten cr^py in 
all of that period Now thaf s staying power. The music is blisberingly 
fast without sounding like a blurr, so they st^ in the realm of hardcorB, 
but it is uncorrpDmisin^y fast The vocals arB soBeched out anguishes 
similar to LEFT FDR DEAD era Chris Colohon ThB guitars pl^ 
sheeringly fast and that v\±iite noise flight is accented by a cymbal noise 
retained high in the mix. Some of the brBaks arB accented by a low 
disborbed pulverizing bass line that rides the best traditional Swedish 
hardcorB bands. This will be released as an LP onHo m b re L b i^ eco rds 
this summer (Regurgitated Semen records c/o Sandro G essner ' Str. Des 
Friedens 45 / 07819 Mittelpollnitz / Germany) - SP 

l?**" Class "... in utter contempt of the Human 

Race" 12" 

This Rochester 4-piece continue to get better 

with every recording. They play an extremely 

manic sounding thrash reminiscent of early 

American hardcore. The ep was compared to 

SICK PLEA SURE but I think that had something 

to do with the cover of "3 Seconds of Pleasure". In an interview we did 

with them they credited bands like VOID for their sound and I do hear an 

early DC hardcore sound, but it is something more closely associated 

with theUNTOUCHABLES. Despite that ther^isaREAGAN YOUTH 

cover to be found on here ( "No Class" ), which sounds right at home with 

their sound. And "Invasion" starts off with a neat co-optation of "Glory 

Hallelujah". It's a great recording and it is limited to 100 copies so get 

that envelope sealed. (Punks Before Profits / P.O. Box 1084 / Buffalo, 

NY / 14215 / USA) -SP 

Severed Head Of State "Anathema Device" 


A significant improvement over previous efforts, 

this debut full-length from Austin's finest 

effectively pulls together various strains of punk, 

from the blinding speed of US hardcore to the 

rampaging, bass- driven Motorcharge of the 

Swedish greats through the more sophisticated melodic metallisms of 

first-rate J apcore, and spits out a truly ferocious onslaught of violent 

thrash and crushing mid- tempo smash. Some really excellent lyrics here 

too, confronting the usual god-fearing cretins and their sick agendas with 

an eloquence and tangible rage that succeed in raising their venomous 

ranting far above the usual generic anti- everything punker cant. (Hardcore 

Holocaust/ RO. Box 26742 / Richmond, VA / 23261 / USA) - SH 

Stop And Thmk "Both Demos" LP 

Made to look exactly like the STRAIGHT AHEAD 12", this 
unfortunately doesn't sound very much like STRA IG HT A HE A D . STO P 
AND THINK are now broken up, but in their brief existence released 
two demo cassettes, both of which appear here. Mostly slow chunky 
hardcore in the vein of late 80s NY HC types. No metal here though, this 
sounds more like SIDE BY SIDE or maybe UNDERDOG rather than 
BREAKDOWN. I saw them once and before they played, their guitar 
player was playing the opening riff from "Utopia" by CITIZEN'S 
ARREST. Hmmm. Cool 'snotty' vocals that you don't usually hear 
these days, especially not in a band like this; very refreshing to say the 

least. Some quick parts thrown in but mostly huge breakdowns and cool 
gallop parts. Great and surprising production on side A of this record: 
blaring loud, rough and drenched in feedback. On side B the production 
is slicker, and the songs are a little simpler with more predictable time 
changes. By no means an entirely one dimensional record though. 
Favorites are 'Get Lost' and 'T.J.R.B' (Painkiller Records / 8 Bumey 
StreetApt. 1/Roxbury MA/ 02120 /USA/ 
/ Lockin Out Records / ) - JF 

Vaarinkasitys "Pillerit ja Purkit" ep 

What is it about Finland that keeps them cranking 

out great hardcore ? This is a new band that plays 

in the spirit captured by the "Russia Bombs 

Finland" comp. A 13 song ep that is self- released 

and pressed at only 300 copies. What were they 

thinking ? VA A RINK A SITY S uses the stop and 

starts of TERVEET KADET with the bland flat production of early 

KAAOS and the song writing style of BASTARDS to rejuvenate a 

sound from the past that is authentically Finnish. VAARINKASITYS 

go for the straight forward hardcore sound of ' 81 Finnish hardcore - the 

kind of stuff that TAMPERE SS and RATTUS wer^ schooled on. (Nahka 

/ Haapatie 3 a 4 / 41520 Hankasalmi / Finland) - SP 

Zoe "the darkest heavy" ep 

Also part of the "Darkness series" ZOE play a 

metal inspired brand of hardcore, but unlike nu 

metal ZOE are more true to the form, riding a 

chugging riff and soloing out the wazoo. On the 

metal side, I would say that ZOE draw on the 

flat chugging of SLAYER and the burly biker 

sound of MOTORHEAD. On the hardcore side, ZOE take a moody 

influence of AMEBIX and weave it with the spirit of FRAMTID or 

GLOOM. Interestingly enough, I just found out after writing this that 

ZOE have FRAMTID's drummer and the original guitarist from 

GLOOM, so it all makes sense. There is a track called "From Hell" 

which shares the title with a song from the EFFIGY ep. I don't know if 

it is a cover or a sequel. I can't tell, but maybe that is part of the 

"Darkness series" - sharing song titles about Hades. (Crust War Overseas 

/ RO. Box 511 / Whippany, NJ / 07981-0511 / USA) - SP 



Running for C over demo 
RUNNING FOR COVER are a 4-piece 
from Buffalo and this is the best band I 
have heard since 9 SHOCKS TERROR. 
Taking their cues heavily from INFEST they 
have tlie most ballistic attack I have heard from a band of this genre. 
The band includes Mike Gifford of SLAVE STATE, who has been 
living in the Carolinas for the last few years and moved back to 
Buffalo recently. He teamed up with Eric Ellman, of THEY LIVE, 
who plays drums in this band and he plays the wickedest GANG 
GREEN style of drumming since EXCLAIM. INFEST meets 
EXCLAIM. Fuckin' brutality. It is a tape that I have not been able 
to stop listening to. I have listened to it about 20 times already and 
I can't get enough of it. Usually I only get to listen to something 
three or four times. This is worth missing everything else out there 
for RUNNING FOR COVER will be huge when fans of extreme 
hardcore so find out about them. (Mike Gifford / 105 Jewett 
Parkway / Buffalo, NY / 14214 / USA / e-mail: 
mnningforeoverhardcore(a) ) - SP 



Various Artists "Reason to Believe" benefit 


This is a collection of songs by bands that 

appeared in issues 1 through 7 of Reason to 

Believ ezine. This comp is a way of raising money 

to help meet shortcomings in revenue with the 

printing of the zine. The bands include the kings 

of commie fastcore SEEIN' RED, DUMBSTRUCK, Spain's E-15a 

MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, Finlands' His Hero is Gone - UNKIND, 

SIN DIOS and recently defunct CRISPUS ATTUCKS to name a few. 

The comp starts with this great snotty VINDICTIVE S meets CAUSTIC 

CHRIST like song by BREZNEV from Holland. This is followed by 

France's grind sensations COCHE BOMB A with an unreleased number 

CRISPUS ATTUCKS contribute a crappy unreleased song and a song 

from their last release which is head over heels better DUMB STRUCK 

contribute a NEGATIVE APPROACH cover that remains unreleased 

until this comp. And then Finland's KID DYNAMITE - END STAND 

Inferno Punx - 8-1/2" x 12", glossy stock 
with matte finish, printed, 80 pgs. 
This is an incredible photo zine documenting 
the Japanese crust scene with photos 
spanning as far back a 1989 and as recent as 
this year. The zine is absolutely gorgeous 
looking in terms of how professional it 
looks. The photos reproduce well and there 
are some incredible photos to make the 
studs and leather crowd proud. The majority 
of the photos are in black and white which is in keeping with the 
DISCHARGE ethic. And it is very cool to be able to see photos of 
bandslikeDISCLOSEorC.F.U.D.L. or GLOOM or S.D.S. There 
are over 150 photos and 40 show flyers flaunting some incredible 
line-ups. What I find daunting about the zine is that there are tons 
of bands I have not heard of which makes one realize that there is so 
much more to learn about the Japanese scene. Like who are 
how do I get some recorded material ? Or did you realize that 
SOOTHE were a predominantly female unit ? There is a great 
picture at an ADDICT ION show with the singer wearing a box on 
his head. There is an awesome photo in the back of the book of 
those guy done up like one of the characters from Clockwork Orange 
in A D ICT S fashion. A nd let me not forget a great picture of members 
from LIFE, GLOOM and DISCLOSE hamming it up for the camera. 
Or the synchronized spike attack by ORDER. I also dig the fact 
that you get a chance to see some of the bands that are more recently 
coming on the scene like AGE or FRAMTID or EFFIGY or 
outlines can be informative like the material about DEFECTOR 
tipping us off that they feature members of GLOOM and some 
newer kids into the scene. There is an incredible photo spread on 
COLLAPSE SOCIETY that spans a number of years. And 
FRIGORA, FRAMTID, and LIFE also figure prominently as they 
should. There is a lot to see in this book and I strongly recommend 
any Japan- 0- files or crust fanatics to seek out this book. This book 
was compiled by JHONIO formerly of GLOOM and currently of 
DEFECTOR, Mitsuru of GLOOM and Jacky of Crust War fame 
who also plays in FRAMTID - guys who know about the scene. 
Far East photo attack, so take cover And if you are looking to get 
a copy try Sound Pollution who carries all of MCR's stuff. I think 
the asking price is $20 US for Canadian orders, which is a steal. 
This is a 20*^ armiveisary iBlease for MCi^. (MCR / 157 Kamiagu 
Maizuru / Kyoto 624-0913 /Japan) - SP 

throw on a number to break the thrash up. But e- 1 50 bring it right back 
to blastbeat mayhem. England's HHH play a sweeping emo-sized style 
of hardcore similar to ENDSTAND. IMBALANCE contribute a live 
number of melodic punk. And then Finland's rock sensations 
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX give up a released number. Switzerland's 
NNY contribute a MELT BANANA meets CRASS type of a number 
And then SEEIN' RED contribute four tracks of live songs that don't 
come close to their studio sound, but do provide the title for the comp. 
Spain's SIN DIOS contribute two ARTIMUS PYLE type numbers. 
UK's STAND deliver two moody emo- violence numbers both of which 
are unreleased. And then UNKIND clean up with an unreleased number 
that would make TRAGEDY proud. Aside for the diverse bunch of 
songs, I like how interview clips from the different bands have been 
editted in between the songs. Great audio collage piece. (Flat Earth 
Records / 145- 149 Cardigan Road / Leeds / LS6 ILJ / UK) - SP 

Various Artists "Take No Heroes" CD 
An international hardcore compilation that 
features straight edge bands, although the liner 
notes for this comp try to plea a story of a scene 
that encompasses a larger umbrella of styles. 
Almost like the latest in the series. 10 bands for 
39 songs each, which means that they all have 
close to four songs per band. Portugal's POINTING FINGER start off 
this comp and I forgot how much these guys sound like YOUTH OF 
TODAY. A large part of this has to do with how the singer shouts. So it 
is appropriate that the band does a Y.O.T. cover RAZLOG ZA from 
Croatia pick up the ball with their own style of CHAIN OF STRENGTH 
influenced material. Brazil's NO VIOLENCE follow itup. Haven't these 
guys been around forever ? I remember liking their earlier material more. 
This has gotten much bigger in sound. FEUD are from the Philippines 
and have a pretty thick sound while still maintaining a crew sound. 
ONLY WAY OUT tear into 4 ripping youth crew anthems sung in 
Polish. One of the standouts on this comp, which is difficult to do as all 
these bands are great. CRICK BAT out of Spain opt for a more sung 
style. THE MUTINY move back to a big heavy tough guy sound. They 
are from Colorado. Germany's SINCERITY carry on MUTINY 's relay 
with some crushing numbers that move to blastbeat hardcore pretty 
comfortably. Latvia's CITA ATTIEKSME contribute four numbers in 
the MUTINY vein. And SECOND COMBAT from Malayasia close 
things up alternating between a big sound and speedy playing. This is a 
real international effort as there are 8 different labels involved in this 
release covering areas of Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Lativa, Germany, 
Portugal, Brazil, Malayasia and the Philippines. (Refuse Records / Robert 
Matusiak / RO. Box 7 / 02-792 Warszawa 78 / Poland) - SP 


Power It Up is releasing a NAILED DOWN / RUIDO split * Busted 
Heads is releasing a TRAPDOOR FUCKING EXIT ep after touring 
with them. Chris is also releasing a VECTORS full length and a JED 
WHITEY 7" * Derek Hess, the artist behind the original CaptainAmerica 
drawings for marvel Comics has had some art stolen from his gallery. A 
$1,000 reward is being offered to anyone who has information to the 
whereabouts and final return of these paintings. If you know anything 
about this crime please contact inf 0(5) or (216) 281-4868 
or the Cleveland Police First District Detective Bureau * GRIT OS DE 
ALERTA (from Brazil) have recorded 4 new songs for the split 7" with 
KRU$H were recorded last May with special guests Richard (UPS 
label/zine) andF. Martin (HERESIA) on vocals and Fabio doValle(SICK 
TERROR) on bass. Moises just left the band and Renan will maybe be 
playing guitar In their next recording, they are contributing a HERESY 
cover - "Build Up, Knock it down" - for a tribute CD . They will also be 
recording songs for a split CD with AUTO RITA R * A new STIFF 
LITTLE FINGERS LP has been recorded. This being their ninth LP will 
be released by EMI and is being heralded as the best things since "Go For 

The Exploding Hearts, R.I. P. 

It". Don't record 
companies always 
say that ? * 3 of the 4 
HEARTS died in a 
van accident on the I- 
5. They were 
traveling north from 
San Francisco and the 
van tumbled a few 
times * The THINK 
I CARE full length, as 
well as the new THE RITES full length are out, and the PROWL 10" is 
due out next on DeadAUve * Do you like TRAGEDY ? Do you like 
TOTALITAR ? Ben from DROP DEAD has just released a split with 
the two on it and it's a limited press on Armageddon Records * Have 
you seen the encyclopedia of punk reviews? I am speaking of the Flex 
book. They have uploaded thousands of the review on their website and 
you should check it out at * C A REER 
SUICIDE are on tour in Europe. D eranged has just released a new ep of 
theirs entitled "Reach for the SARS". As for CAREER SUICIDE'S LP, 
there were problems with the printing of the album covers, but the 
Europeans will be able to purchase the 100 copies of a test pressing 
being made available through their tour* Sound Pollution looks to be 
releasing some great new things including the SPROUTS, the FASTS, 
the DUDOOS, and a sampler comp called "High Energy High Voltage" * 
Michael J osephson has Te-\oc3tedLongshot Records to Brooklyn. What 
does this mean for a Canadian street punk label and why switch coasts 
and countries ? I am confused. * 



- Full Contact launch party - 



FRIDAY AUGUST 8f« @K-os, 8:30pm, 19+- THINK I CARE, 



FRIDAY AUGUST S« @ the Cruise In (Buffalo) - F MINUS , THE 


SATURDAY AUGUST 9th @ CIUT's Studio 3, 4:00pm - SICK 

FITS (from Ottawa) 



SUNDAY AUGUST 1(F« @ the 360 Club - DOWN BY LAW, 


TUESDAY AUGUST 12^" @ the dungeon (Oshawa), A 11 Ages, $7 at 



WEDNESDAY AUGUST IT" @ ClubRockit,AllAges, $8 at the 



THURSDAY AUGUST 14^ « @ Wellington Arena, Upstairs (Picton) - 




FRIDAY AUGUST 15^« @ the Royal, 9:45pm - Film: REVENGE 

OF THE SHOGUN WOMEN {Kung Fu Fridays) 

FRIDAY AUGUST W @ FalconerFarm (Picton) - POLIDICKS 

THURSDAY AUGUST 2F@ the Royal, 9:00pm- Film: Once 

Upon a Girl {Conflict Archives presents) 


Street (Buffalo) 6:00PM doors. $6.00 - CAUSTIC CHRIST, 



MONDAY AUGUST 25*^ @ MolsonAmphitheatre- SEX PISTOLS, 




FRIDAY AUGUST 29^ @ the Royal, 9:45pm - Film: ZATOICHI 

VS THE CHESS MASTER (Kung Fu Fridays) 

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 7th @ CIUT's Studio 3, 10:30pm - 



3124 Main Street (Buffalo) 6:00PM doors. $6.00 - THE SPARK, 



SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 21st @ CIUT's Studio 3, 4:00pm, 


SATURDAY OCTOBER 2^" @ 519 Church Street Community 

Centre - 2"'' Annual Anarchist Bookfair 

SUNDAY OCTOBER 26^" @ 519 Church Street C ommunity Centre 

- 7 workshops 

NOTE: Requests for tables at the bookfair and proposals for 

workshops should be sent in writing to tab2003(a) The 

deadline is 1 August. 

If there is a show that you know about that isn't on this list, please 
forward it onto us at equalizingxdistort(a) 

AT WB M¥AI^ ' 608 €MI.MB MfltBBT 

ftsvsMJ^s of t^s S)>OJ^O^f WO^sM, FRIDAY AUGUST 15^" ©th&ROjifSt, 

8:45r^: 6a^MQ oMe> orthose t^^ 1t^ ^eooet cihIMa, 9 vnijaOB IS saved tmKQ 

)da^M omOsHeol oati.9ws byih1^t^6^f Ho^ 

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9cje3b^f sc»^fet^0t.^fiU» )ce^MoGit.t-e^^ 

par j^JMQ )oji sciaLp^MQ hs lomq ^mp-Vfm mt-mb het-idare naMofei otherh?5W5ht» 
1^fcliJafotmJeQs^aUJS1^fi^HaJi 9eve^f shooon Mtx^ bt^WLs, S0<^ ^e wHac?HS^fQs, 
teLoooJvj mc» anacfHS 1M 3-6, tTve sword W*^, Lof^ orhl^ ^^iiJt^, 9Mo( Vfve 


ZAfcorc)}r VSi^s C)>sSS ^ASt^ft, FRIDAY AUGUST 29F" @ th& ftOj^U 

asi^ 1^M^a^|a;!5o^f6s c!Hat«tej£^^1S1^f 

SH?Nt9ro >0cso, "?N overdo mi^\sa^M 
atj^set^, ^sfe0ibh?>^9tltscyo(vau 
)oUMo(^Hasseir 9Mo( KJv'SMQ OS^^H^ 
Who see^Ms Qia?M the appe^Ha^M W^ 
Meariij ©ver^jOMe he ^eet^, bjj oe- 
1^fQ h!S Qooo(-MStaijreo( w^ r^etceptsve 

oMoferstia^M?^fGi orhoK9^f mujf^, 
He6^j S6^fg6 ot1^ea^^^jQ, a^Mthe UOht.- 

MSMQ tOsCi oWw or his c^Mo sword. 

soe.wh6^l 1^l^foc»Nt♦L?vesaeih«sfe»- 
©^f©o(, he beooMes t^ ^afchLess 
swo^o(9K9^f who cfa^f cfot* o(ow^f Q 
o(o2B^f^eM , G!aMQsti&rs9^Msa^o- 
t«r9iJS>^ , )oeK>fe th&Nj >^^fow what. 

h8^ihe(K. "?Nth?S,ih&«^ii£hm^1NihBset^, ^sfeplWii^veLstp^ ftStom^ 
'm ta^ Me>w i<eQ^a^M QhoMQ th& wa^j )oetT1fe^Ms 9^f expert, cihess pija^^ Mamd 

QH. IS mred 1M th& ©MstiJMQ scdFti^e. ))e i9ms tegpoMSfclL^a ^ort^ QIH^s 
^1SP0^tt)^f& 9^M sete ocfett> o/bUtH^ dH^tH^ ^p^imv^^^^J^'^^t^tiiau0is> ^f6ecfe 
tprecfover. siit.1S;toMo(\f 9t¥1fe^Mo^K»?^3fe^^ 

IS ^fot. H^ o(^ij r«Wo^f . . Jor;to^V)r\y IS g^ 

jipcfS&U'oN or;!(ar«K^s )oBU)veo( ms heroes, bet. beware orthe ofeaotij tuash or 

hTs cJa^fe-swo^o(! 




' ti^ii?/'